"Jamik is a wonderful coach. I've taken workout classes from him as well as had him as a running coach to train for races. He creates excellent training plans, gives supportive guidance, and helpful, constructive feedback. His training and experience is apparent and he takes pride in sharing it with others. Excellent coach!"

"Coach Jamik is great! He has trained both of my kids and he successfully customizes the training based on the sports they play and/or areas of improvement that's needed. The kids really enjoy his sessions because they feel they're improving. We highly recommend Coach Jamik!"

"Jamik was great"

"My son joined the Speed Camp this summer for the first time and wow!! Coach Jamik was awesome! Really focused on what my son needed to work and improve on. My son really enjoyed it and will definitely be back! Highly recommend!!"

"Very detailed"

"This class is great ! Jamik is a great instructor. He always does an awesome job at making it challenging and exciting.  Looking forward to more classes."

"Run 4 the Love is the BEST! I was hired to photograph and video the sessions for group and private sessions for Jamik. Even as the photographer, I can see the passion and drive in Jamik's teaching. He is the best and truly puts in all the hours behind the scenes to make his camps and sessions better.."

"Jamik’s HIIT workout is hard to stop! He keeps us moving and the energy and intensity is perfect - few things can get me up that early in the morning and I leave each class happy I started my day that way!"