There are literally thousands of workout programs out there. But a program that is written by a coach, with a goal in mind, and a process for getting there is one in a million.


We have a specific approach that primarily uses HIIT principles. High Intensity Interval Training is more than a trend. It's training used by home gym enthusiasts as well as Olympians.


2-hour workouts may great for those that have the time and programming but 30 minute workouts, when you need them, has proven results scientifically and testimonially.

Midday Mania is set up for you to drop in for a 30 minute session in the middle of the day. Book a group session, Monday through Thursday, either at 12pm, 12:45pm, or 1:30pm. These sessions are facilitated by Coach Jamik, Founder of Run 4 the Love LLC. and held at 33 South Maple (CrossFit Ignite) in Park Ridge, New Jersey.