Thursday, October 1, 2015

Winter is Coming

...and I shall soon convert the disbelievers.-- Nikola Tesla

I'm driving up to Jersey this weekend. It'll be 13 hours up on Friday and 13 hours down on Sunday. I planned an 18 miler on Saturday before I realized I would need to run a half-marathon on Sunday. I fully intend on reaching all of my goals but what's the approach? 

How does a non-elite, close to 40, married, father of two manage 41 miles in 3 days? Believe it or not I'm not looking to be Superman. I could care less about my time in the half. Initially I wanted to PR. Grete's Great Gallop currently is my Half PR from 2008. It would be so beautifully poetic to PR at my old PR. Alas, that won't happen this year with this race. I'll run an easy 10 with a double tomorrow. I'll run an easy 18 (if there is such a thing) Saturday. I'll run an easy 13.1 at the half in Central Park, NYC on Sunday.

The amount of work I plan to put in over he next few days is frowned upon but I have trained and conditioned my body to not only handle the pounding but recover as though I'm running 3 miles. I will only know Sunday of the goal was out of bounds or not. Until then, just like NASA in the space race, I've laid out all of my options and failure is not one of them.

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