Friday, October 16, 2015

Say My Name, Say It... FARTLEK!!!

Dreams without goals remain dreams and ultimately, fuel disappointment…Goals cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.--Denzel Washington

Some days just feel sort of good. I'm not saying that it's a good day. I am saying that it feels good. Although my kids rebelled against sleep for a few hours, I still managed to get some stuff done at night. I had a good dinner and although my wife got home late we spent quality time together. I woke up early and although I've been nervous about the speed work due for today, my legs felt great.

The past 4 weeks I did intervals. I've gotten great results. But just like any coach, I am concerned with the dreaded plateau. I've designed my program to adjust every 4 weeks to keep my body stimulated. Today was my first week doing Fartleks. Every time I say it I giggle like a school girl.

I thought 8 surges would crush me but before I knew it I was back to warm-up. This tells me that I am in pretty good shape but it also tells me that I probably need to work a bit harder. I planned my pace for both warm ups and for surges and layoffs. I was out of control and I went from incredibly fast to painfully slow. Clearly I have a lot to work on... which is good.

I've run this route more than any other since moving to Atlanta. I didn't think there was anything left to see on Moreland Ave. but low and behold, I came across a gem of street art. Although I thought finding this piece of art was awesome, the weirdest part of the run was the random dudes at 5am cheering me on as I surged in my workout. Why were they on the street at 5am? None of my business.

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