Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's Never Too Late, Until It's Too Late

Keep your face always toward the sunshine; and shadows will fall behind you.--Walt Whitman

I had a record (personal) breaking September. I started off October with a PR. All of that said, I don't feel great about October. I planned to take off 4 days in all of October and I have already taken 5 days off. Today is only the 13th, which tells me I am off course. In order to stay the course I will need to take nearly no days off the remainder of the month.

I can do that but what would 18 days straight of running do to my body? What I will most likely do is play it by ear until November. If I try to get back on course with big chunks of unplanned mileage I will almost certainly get injured. My goal from the very beginning was to be able to run as much as possible without injury. I always say to myself, self, how can I do more of what I love? I had to educate myself and tweak things. I had to use myself as a guinea pig. Literally, my goal is to simply do more of what makes me happy. In order to do that I have to remain injury free.

I've gotten into a serious relationship with injury prevention. Maybe I'm an injury prevention polygamist because I have multiple methods to stay injury-free. Foam Rolling is the main squeeze though. The I guess ice and Ace bandages would be second in line then elevating my feet is the newest but valuable member of the dysfunctional family. Sadly, stretching and I are on a break. I spend about 60 seconds doing and it and I get no results. I need to continue experiments because I'm sure research will tell me how and when to do it effectively.

In any event, I will assess my program and goals on a daily basis. For example, I plan to run one more time today but my knee feels crappy. I will ice and elevate and see how I feel later. If it doesn't feel any better I wont go out. My long term running is more important. Jeff Galloway is 150 years old (actually 70) and he still runs almost daily. He does a marathon a month. He is my inspiration for longevity. There is no way I will make it the next 30 years on the roads if I damage myself now. For now, I will push and set aggressive goals but I will be disciplined enough to listen to my body and do what it tells me to do.

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