Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Running For The Love

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.-- Confucius

I no longer watch as much television as I used to. In fact, I may binge watch a series and then nothing for months after that. I watch sports whenever I can. I watch whatever cartoons my kids watch. I watch it like a Telenovela on Univision though. What I do watch a lot of are documentaries. I tend to enjoy watching them about food, wine or restaurants. I also watch sports docs. The thing that draws me in are the inspirational stories and the passion people put behind their craft.

Although it wasn't entirely by choice, I've decided to go the entrepreneur route. Some say that the instruction that Phil Knight received before starting his thesis about what would become Nike was to write about what you know and what you care about. He chose to do his thesis on running shoes. When I decided to start a business I wanted it to be something that I love. I love my wife and kids. I couldn't think of a business that included that as a prerequisite. My next love is running.

I've been in countless different businesses and the one thing that rings true in order to become successful is to own your craft. I've always found the sport of running to be incredible but there is so much that I don't know. I was pretty ignorant about nutrition. I knew very little about warm ups and cool down and stretching. I didn't even fully understand how form can effect the entire body. So I dove in head first and began to consume all that I could about every aspect of running.

Despite the reading, one of the most important aspects of running is the actual running. By doing more miles I get a better understanding of the gear I use. I understand limits to hydration. It's like reading about how to change your oil. Although a book is a terrific guide, the practice of actually changing the oil is more intuitive. The miles will help me see problems and solutions in real time. I know what it feels like the next day after running 14 miles. I know what long runs feel like after a nutritious meal. I can take articles directly from wherever and put them into practice on my next run.

The best part is when I do a run it feels like it is only for enjoyment. When I get back and I do my work, part of it becomes business. But no one can take the "runners' high" from me. No one can be me on the road at 5am and understands the absolute beauty in the early morning solitude. Even now, as I write this, I want to go out and run. The question is, after I ran this morning, is it business or pleasure if I do another run? Was it business or pleasure this morning?

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