Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Did... I Do... I Will

Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.-- Imam Ali

Yesterday I had a rough outing. I was close to severely dehydrated. I hesitate to upgrade my dehydration to severe because I know very little about the stages if stages even exist. I know I was bad but certainly not near death. So today I went out for a little shake out run. I know 14 miles for many of you isn't necessarily a big deal. It was the longest I've run since moving to Atlanta a few months ago. I have the goal of 150 miles in August and I couldn't afford to not get after it today. With that in mind, I still decided to not go crazy.

The first mile I felt a little creaky. Additionally, I ran in shoes that I use for 5k's. My hamstrings were tight and I came in pretty slow at the 1 mile mark. But by the 2 mile mark I felt pretty good. I decided to run a flat route. Oh wait, there aren't very many flat areas down here so I ran the most flat of the hilly courses. The Atlanta Beltline in relatively flat but getting there has some rise to it. The whole thing felt good. I need to ice a bit and foam roll to get set for tomorrow but overall it was solid.

Every time I step out into the road or onto a trail to embark on a run it creates a sort of cathartic feeling. I am not expressing myself to others verbally but with my actions and consistency it is a figurative, veritable soap box to silently express my thoughts and beliefs. At times words become white noise or filler for what could be necessary silence. When I worked on Wall Street it was the silent pause that usually got the trade after making an offer. The pregnant pause in comedy is a staple for many.

Certainly people speak to others when they run but most of our runs are on our own aren't they? We run around giving head nods, smile, and waves. These gestures say so much more about our community than if we sat down and filled the air with pleasantries, formalities, and air-filling adages. In order to reach my goal I needed to run. In order to shake out what I ran yesterday I needed to run. In order to get my daily therapy I needed to run. So I did, and I do, and I will.

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