Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wait... What do you mean I'm not Kenyan?

A social movement can rouse people when it can do three things: simplify ideas, establish a claim to truth, and, in the union of two, demand a commitment to action.-- Daniel Bell

Today is Tuesday. On Tuesdays I torture myself. Maybe I should call it Torture Tuesdays. I usually run multiple times at various points of the day. I do one hard workout and just keep going at it. The reason for this is the hopes that eventually I will gain strength and perform better because of the strain to my body on this one day. Tomorrow is a slight recovery day. I won't run until later in the day and I may sleep in a bit. I will probably wake up at 6:00am.

This Torture Tuesday was a little different. I have been reading a lot about how to attack hills and heat. I've learned more about pre-run diet. I've watched film of many of the great runners and created a gameplay as to what to do when I hit the road. I read about bounding up hills as opposed to the typical slow grind. The only problem is with my new game plan is that I can't just roll out of bed and run with a beautiful, gazelle like stride nor can I bound up a hill consistently like Pepe Le Pew bounding after a black and white cat for some skunk love.

In order to make some of these changes I will need to train to do these things for an extended period of time. Sure for 800 meters I can hold that perfect butt kick and land beautifully under my body with a mid-foot strike. Early in my run I can spring off of my mid-foot and drive my elbow like a piston. After a little bit though fatigue sets in and the form begins to suffer. It's amazing watching the great Kenyan runners glide through the miles as though they were twirling and singing in "The Sound of Music". They have the grace of so many of the speed designed animals we watch in amazement on the National Geographic channel with that half-dumb look with our bottom lip hanging making our mouth gape. The real problem is how smooth it is when they run. I am 200 lbs with all the grace of a Hyena on acid.

Of course with practice and conditioning I can maintain form better. If you can do it for 400 meters you can do it for 40 miles. It will just take some work. Unless I am willing and able to run 80-120 miles per week at 5000 ft. elevation it is unlikely that I will reach their level of excellence. That said, If they don't run 80-120 miles per week at elevation they will not reach their level of excellence

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