Friday, July 24, 2015

Travelling Man

Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions-- Peter Hoeg

I will be traveling this weekend and like all travel, my running will be arbitrary at best and likely to happen outside of my plans. The good news is that I will be in a familiar place. I don't need elaborate plans in order to get my run finished. Let's be realistic though. How many runners do you know that has an itinerary for their runs? That said, I need to be strategic about it or I run the risk of not actually running for four days... no pun intended.

The unfortunate part is that I drove for fourteen hours before I was able to get to my destination. I had only slept six hours the night before (not a complaint) and I took a three hour nap in the middle of the day. The rough part was the drive and the fact that as I write this I have been awake  for twenty seven hours. The plan is to wake up around six tomorrow and run across the George Washington Bridge (Love that bridge). I may be absolutely comatose tomorrow morning after being awake for probably thirty hours before I reach the bed.

Runners aren't cry babies so I will figure out a way to complete my runs but here is a little insight for those that may struggle with travel and running. I think if you are on a business trip in a hotel I would just run out the front lobby for a quick out and back before the day's meetings begin. It is a good way to get it out of the way. That run may also give you a boost to perform later in the day. If you wait for later to run you may have a longer than expected day and it may interfere with meals. Sometimes on business trips one has to have a drink or so with some folks and then the run is completely out the window.

If you are on a cool vacation somewhere I would ask around for some really scenic views but try to stay on a relatively straight line because no one wants to get lost in the caves of wherever. Its easy to get lost in the beauty of a wonderful place but if your mileage starts to increase and you can't get back the good news is they will make a movie about you. The bad news it will be based on a true story in memory of...


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