Friday, July 31, 2015

To Run, Or Not to Run... With Music

No. Try Not. Do or Do Not. There is no try.--Yoda

I love running with music. Many people don't care for it. Some are absolutely against it. Often times people will take a stance and give dirty looks to those that run with music. In a funny twist, maybe if they gave those same dirty looks to folks that text while driving, or text while ordering food, or text while doing anything that requires full attention, we would have less incidents. Many races will say, music not allowed. I have never seen that enforced. I think for race directors it is completely a CYA sort of thing. Sounds like something a lawyer would cook up to protect the organization that put the race together.

I always run against traffic. Running this way allows me to see oncoming cars. I also will run on the sidewalk if traffic is not sparse enough. Most people do tons of things to music. Why should running be excluded? Obviously, if you run with music you need to be safe and aware of your surroundings. I have even heard people complain about how annoying it is. To that I belly laugh. Have you ever gone to the gym while waiting for some dude to finish his fourteenth set of bench press and you just want to jump in for your quick set but because he is blaring Metallica or MOP or Justin Bieber he can't hear you? It happens all of the time. People workout to music. I've seen people in the workplace zone out to their favorite tune. Drivers commute to music. Surgeons operate to music. BUT I CAN'T RUN TO MUSIC?

I was in the search for headphones and my headphones died on me so I started using the Apple issued headphones. They were serviceable headphones. I'm no running diva I can wear virtually anything as long as I can hear it and they stay in my ears. Of course all Winter I wore a hat so the headphones had pressure to keep them in place. Once summer hit I ran with a headband but that is very uncomfortable. So I needed solid headphones to stay in my ears. I did tons of research. By tons, I mean that I read some reviews. I gravitated towards the one that reviewers said were best fit. The box said guaranteed not to fall out. WHAT? Where do I sign up? I bought the Yurbuds. Those things were horrible. I never made it more than 2 miles before they slipped out. For a longtime music runner this is like a hamstring pull.

I returned them to the Best Buy. Of course the company said they guaranteed it to fit but they wanted me to take a picture of it in my ear and then send it back to them so they could custom fit my ears with the perfect model. I mean, yes I have tons of free time to do all of this (sarcasm). My two year old could take the picture and my five year old could run it over to the post office. I wasn't doing any of that. I did a little more research. I had avoided the Beats 2 Wireless because they aren't running headphones. Lebron James is the spokesperson for them. Dr. Dre is affiliated and they were expensive as well compared to other options. Additionally, reviewers said they had the best sound. I wasn't too interested in that. Ironically, the headphones that I was dead set against ended up being amazing. I run six days a week for at least an hour at a time, generally, and I've had no issues.

Look, I believe strongly in letting people live their lives. For those who love to run with music... no judgement. If you do not run with music, I ask to not be against those that run with music. Just don't try to talk to me after I wave.

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