Monday, July 6, 2015

The Humidity Wins... The... Humidity... Wins!!!

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science-- Albert Einstein

I was so excited today when I found the other side of the Atlanta Beltline. I had heard so much about it but hadn't seen more than a half mile stretch of it. Although I have found that short strip to be pretty much a place where I want to run every day, I am a long distance guy and I need at least a 6 mile out and back to stay consistent. I finally read a map properly and realized that on a recent run under the Krog Street bridge, in another 3 blocks or so is where the Beltline picks up. I saw the sign and took off gleefully up the paved path. There were a lot of offshoots but it was so humid and hilly I decided against getting lost today. 

I started to hit my stride and enjoy some more awesome street art.

That enjoyment ended abruptly... again. Once again my headphones choked under the pressure of my abundant sweat. I couldn't get them to stay in after about two miles or so. I had to place them in my pocket and continue on without a soundtrack. This time I did do the obnoxious thing and ran with music sans Yurbuds. I did turn it down when I saw other runners and particularly when Raekwon spoke about his $500 jeans on "The Morning".

On my turnaround I felt really weak. The humidity started to kick my butt. As I reached the hills it became harder and harder to maintain my pace. I looked at the forecast and it said 72 degrees and cloudy. I threw on my old reliable Miler and went for the run. The weather people lie I tell you, all lies. Going up the hill I felt like it was Harlem Hill in Central Park New York on the third loop of an 18 mile race. In reality the climb was maybe half of Harlem Hill and it was closer to mile 5 instead of 14.

My fitness has suffered a little with the move but Atlanta has delivered somewhat of a rebirth for my running career. My fitness will return but my love for running has only grown and continues to do so. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I can't wait for my alarm to go off and spring out of bed to hit the road on my next adventure.

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