Wednesday, July 1, 2015


To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift-- Steve Prefontaine

I didn't actually run today. It was an off day although I love running on the first day of the month. After the trifecta yesterday I didn't want to cheat my system of one off and one on. Bill Bowerman believed in going really hard when it's time to work and resting effectively. I did calisthenics today to strengthen my body. I never lift weights because I was oft injured and without having to tackle anyone I lost interest in being massive. That said, the gym in my building has a machine leg press and I do high reps to get my quads stronger and strengthen my knees (if that actually works).

Although here was no pavement pounding or trail blazing today I did register for two of the twelve marathons I plan to run in 2016. It was like a moment of truth signing up for the first one for January 30, 2016. The Callaway Gardens Marahon in Pine Mountain, GA will be the marathon I actually train for while the others will be an adventure in figuring it out. I imagined some sort of music in the background as I clicked and swiped and added emergency contact info. Maybe Vivaldi Four Seasons played with the anticipation and anxiety. Amazingly this step isn't the easiest. It is the hardest. Once I register for a race my record of completion is impeccable. As much as I talked about twelve I twelve, it wasn't real until today. There is money on the table and bibs to be set aside for me. The other race was the Publix Georgia Marathon on March 20, 2016 which, will begin 10 minutes from where I live. 

I'm not sure if music for anxiety or anticipation fits or if a joyous tune like Night in Tunisia by Dizzy Gillespie is more apropos or music to express relief like Vincent Guaraldi Christmastime is Here (don't judge me just listen to it)

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