Friday, July 10, 2015

Reflections Eternal

The cowards never started and the weak died along the way.-- Bill Bowerman

I moved back to my every other day program in order to prepare for a short race tomorrow. I'm still trying to get everything back to normal after Tuesday's bonk. It's really hot down here and there aren't any routes that I've discovered without a hill. Thankfully the hills should prep me for the Conquer the Cove Trail Marathon next June.

Usually when I run I can get my thoughts in order and come back focused and ready to go. The days when I don't run I find other ways to get myself in order. I went down to Starbucks and had an atypical Chai Greèn Tea Latte and read about Running Science in Barnes and Noble. Bookstores are an escape for me. You can open your imagination up to myriad topics and just runaway with whatever topic you choose. Usually I choose to peruse the running books or economics. Both topics fascinate me and are puzzles.

No two runners are the same. Each runner has a different foot type. People have different bone structure or pain thresholds. Steve Prefontaine was known for his ability to experience pain and push through it. So the puzzle is actually trying to figure out what type of runner you are. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What types of hydration works best for you. I can drink 100 gallons of Gatorade before and after a race but when I drink it during it tends to give me GI issues. Water tends to cause early cramping. I generally don't stretch. These are things that I've learned after running for so long. I am adding pieces to the puzzle and the picture is getting clearer.

Don't waste your off days. Enjoy them or make them productive in some way or another.

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