Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Four Times a Runner

Fortune favors the bold--Terence Phormio

Why in the world would I run four times today. I ran this morning because I love morning runs. I ran to Run Club. I did the Run Club route and then I ran home. If I can get somewhere on foot why not? The Run Club isn't very large so we all agree ona pace by feel and not time. Generally folks are happy to run a slower pace then they would on their own. I take a slow shuffle there and a slow shuffle back.

That isn't the only reason I ran four times today. I am trying to test the limits of the human body as Bill Bowerman once said. I'm running a Trail Marathon next year with an elevation of about 3,000 feet. I felt great this morning when I did 3.1 miles. I felt good on the 1.6 miles to a cafe near Grant Park. I felt solid on the first half of the run and then the heat and humidity coupled with hills took over. The good news is that this was my third run of the day.

One can't get better without taking risks and doing things that make them uncomfortable. Yes, I would like to get faster but that isn't what I mean by get better. I want to get better at running. I want to r longer with less effort. I want 3 to feel like 1 and 10 to feel like 3. I want to run EVERY DAMN DAY (see what I did there). The only reason for speed is in order to do more miles in less time with less recovery. It would be awesome to run 20 miles a day but how long would it take and will I be productive afterwards. I am not even sure if I ran 20 miles today that I could go and do it tomorrow.

I mentioned Bill Bowerman earlier and he has become my new muse of sorts. The Pegasus was designed to be the shoe for every runner, every day and I love that about it. I am every runner. I will never win a marathon or a 5k but I am on the streets and trails most days doing what I love. Bowerman didn't start running until later in life. He was a football coach and former player yet he is legendary in the world of running. He made me believe that I can impact running without being any good at doing it. There is an old saying that those who cannot do, teach. It is unlikely at o will ever cross the finish line of a marathon in under 3 hours but if I can motivate or inspire someone else to do it I've done something tremendous. Someone I know once said that if you inspire one person, you've done your job.

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