Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Three Times a Runner

Celebrate rarely, grind daily.-- Colin Cowherd

I decided that I would try a run club sponsored by REI. The meetup was about 1.5 miles from where I live so I said to myself, self, what would the Raramuri do? They would run to the meetup, run the run, and then run back home. That is precisely what I did except for the fact that I ran .8 of a mile in e wrong direction. A 1.5 mile run turned into 2.6. My easy jog to the meetup had to change into a 5k pace run so I could make it on time. The best part was before I left home. I put on my running gear and my son said, "hey daddy, are you going to work now?" Yes son, daddy is going to work.

Aside from the small turnout and my mapquest on my phone sucking, it was a pretty cool run with Atlanta natives in areas I hadn't run yet. We ran on the outskirts of Grant Park. 

Probably the coolest part of the run was running through Oakland Cemetary and learning about the Battle of Atlanta as curated by the REI tour guide of sorts. Running in a new place is so refreshing. Sometimes, back in New Jersey, my routes felt stale. I ran them because I love to run and they were easy to get to, I could go right outside my door, and I knew the distances. There is, however, a certain je ne sais quoi about a new route. The exciting new turns and sights are worth the change in heart rate that one receives when attempting the unknown. 

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