Friday, April 1, 2016

Physically I'm Done But Runners Are Crazy

I'm convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful ones is perseverance.--Steve Jobs

So I have 2 days until my next marathon. This time I have a 3 hour drive up Interstate 75 to Knoxville, Tennessee for the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. It will only be two weeks between my last marathon and the imminent marathon on Sunday. I've done this time frame before so I have some sort of idea what needs to be done to get me from finish line to finish line.

It's easy enough right? Last time I took off 1 day and then I was back on my grind. The beginning of March 20th I had 32 miles for the month. As of the end of March, 11 days later, I have 90.9 miles total. I obviously ran a marathon but I added on significant mileage. When I ran the Publix Georgia Marathon I felt as though I hadn't done enough work in the weeks prior and I suffered because of it. So I was determined to not let that happen again.

This is precisely when Murphy's Law reared its ugly head. Here in Atlanta there is this thing called Yellow Pollen that seems to be straight out of a bad horror movie like, "Attack of the Killer Pollen". I suffered from allergies when I lived in New Jersey but I've never been pimped by pollen before. I guess there is a first time for everything. I also pride myself on never really getting sick. As I write these words I am not yet ready to concede to sickness but I am barely holding on to my record. Finally, I end up with a back sprain to slow me down on the last day of the month when I could have reached 100 miles.

I'm worried now. I am not certain if I can be good enough by Sunday. But let's be clear about 1 thing. I will still start and finish on Sunday, I just won't do very well. I imagine that I will creep along the course with periodic checks on the watch to ensure that I am not embarrassed when I see my kids at the end. There is also an outside chance that I will rise Sunday morning with a little bounce in my legs, fire in my belly, and a mission on my mind.

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