Friday, March 18, 2016

Two Days Left

For we choose happiness for itself, and never with a view to anything further; whereas we choose honor, pleasure, intellect... because we believe that through them we shall be made happy.-- Aristotle

The Publix Georgia Marathon will be my biggest marathon to date. It's a different type of excitement for this one. First and foremost it is in the town where I live, right here in Atlanta. I don't have to get into the car and dig in for and hour or 4 hours. I actually plan to take public transportation to the start. There is a different feel when you are on the "home team". I've run 90% of these streets multiple times. There may be a surprise turn or two but my body has seen this movie before.

The other exciting part is the Health and Fitness Expo. I had grown accustomed to huge expo events after running the NYC Marathon 10 times, Chicago once, and New Jersey once. At those things I received huge bags of stuff that although it is largely useless, it is free and part of a major event. The Callaway Gardens and Hilton Head Marathons offered no such accoutrements. To be clear, this is not a knock on the aforementioned marathons, I just report facts. Frankly, I received T-shirts and a few other things in a goodie bag and generally, when I am done at the bigger marathons, what is left after I get rid of stuff is essentially the same amount of items. The bigness however of an expo is amazing.

You get to walk around with folks that will do what you will do in a few days. They have special speakers and it is set up for the runners. I love to walk in and take pictures of stuff. The energy is terrific in a building full of anxious and excited runners.

As much excitement as I have with the anticipation of my third marathon this year, I am subdued by the feel of my body. I am a bit achy everywhere and I haven't run a great deal in March. It is actually unknown, based on feel, what my performance will be Sunday but I know when I finish, I can look myself in the mirror and say to myself... actually, just the ability to look in the mirror after a race is action enough to tell that everything I have to give was just given.

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