Wednesday, February 3, 2016

In Theory It Should Make Sense, Technically...Right?

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.-- William Hickson

When I first attacked the marathon it was 2003. I thought I trained properly but after 7 hours of torture, it was pretty apparent that whatever training I did wasn't sufficient. I felt pain that I had never experienced in my life. The good thing that came out of that experience was just that; the pain. I knew what it felt like and I knew I never wanted to feel that again.

I changed my mentality. It's almost poetic justice that I was so tortured in the first one. I decided to give it a shot. The one thing about running a marathon is that you don't just... Give it a shot. It takes months of training and preparation. I thought I could run some. Take my 5K time and extrapolate it out to 42K. That was my plan. Clearly, it didn't work. I'm sure, for my hardcore runners, hearing that I expanded my 5k to equal a marathon is like nails on a chalkboard. 

I realized a while ago that in order for me, an average Joe Schmo, to get to the point where marathons wasn't as daunting of a task. I can run a 10k on zero sleep, indigestion, a 40lb backpack, and a tight hamstring and still get it done with relatively little effort. Running a marathon a year requires lots of training but the comfort zone is highly unlikely. 

A few months ago, I ran 18 miles on 4 consecutive Saturday's. The first one was tough but I had just come off of 4 Saturday's of 14-15 miles. Although the first one hurt, the next one was faster and hurt less. By the 4th one, it wasn't a cruise in the park, but it was more familiar. I can only imagine that my comfort can only increase as I familiarize my body with the stress of a marathon. 

I struggled a bit through my first of 12 marathons this year but I can only imagine that seeing the distance again, 2 weeks out, will make me stronger and trigger muscle memory. I have gotten  pretty solid at gunning it for 13.1 miles. My training has built my body into a vehicle that can shuffle along in the remaining 13.1. My idea makes sense, on paper. I'll find out February 13th, won't I?

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