Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rough Patch

Tough times never last. Tough people do.--Ralph

November has been my toughest month in at least 9 months. I feel broken down and my times have suffered. I've gained some weight and aside from that, the weight that I've gained doesn't feel good. I've only logged 2 long runs this month while last month I had 8 total.

I know it sounds like whining but running pervades so many aspects of my life that I feel incomplete without it. Running has become my therapy. It is 90% of the exercise that I do. Running is pretty much my only hobby. I don't have a gaming system to pass time. I generally don't go out for drinks and since I've moved to Atlanta I've watched less sports. I'd rather eat glass than watch the Falcons, Braves or Hawks. I'm either working, running, or hanging out with my wife and kids. 

I PR'd October 4th in the Half Marathon and a few weeks later I PR'd at 10 miles. Since then I've not raced so I may be having like a post PR let down. Theoretically I know that I can't have a record every run and likely the upcoming half on Thanksgiving will not be a PR because I don't feel as though I'm going for it. This is probably a breakdown/plateau and the additional days off may actually help me physically but psychologically I need more days on the road.

All of that crap said, I'm not the wait until tomorrow type of guy. I'm still in Novemebr and I'm going to approach every day as though it's another day for improvement. See you out there. 

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