Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sometimes I Feel...

I put a lot of pressure on myself. I think something's not good enough, and I won't stop until I feel like I've made it. I'm never satisfied.-- J. Cole 

There are days when I feel awesome. The run is great and the family is perfect. I do great work on my business and I do something to make me feel smart. Those are the days that are less exciting to talk or write about. Who wants to hear or read about someone's great day. Most people like to her about  miserable days or all of the negative stuff. I don't actually like to moan and rail on about my bad day... Boo...Hoo. My favorite things to write about are the regular, pedestrians run of the mill days.

Without a doubt I am not saying that I enjoy routine days but those are the days that are interesting to find something interesting. Sometimes I feel like a hamster on a wheel or perhaps a dog chasing its tail. Maybe we can find some other cliché saying to describe a basic day in sort of a rut. The rut, the wheel, or the tail are all okay provided one uses those routine days as high impact parts of a greater whole.

Yes, long runs can be mundane and speed work can be so structured that TD boring but those are the moments where your routine, if well-designed will yield outstanding results. When I pick my son up from school I ask him specific questions about his day. It could get boring but in the long run he will find better ways to express himself.

Sometimes I feel like the shake up is exactly what the doctor ordered. In general people don't really like routine days. Bagel with coffee for breakfast, turkey and cheese for lunch, and meatloaf Monday's. Movie night with the kids and schedule matching are certainly not what folks had in mind when they sat and watched Steve Jobs give a commencement speech at Stanford. But even Jobs did something routinely every day. Telling stories make it seem sexy but he woke up every day and decided to push the envelope. He made his rounds and looked over shoulders and reamed who needed to be reamed.

Sometimes I feel like unsexy routine can breed unbelievably sexy success.

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