Thursday, September 17, 2015

Not Your Granddaddy's Eight Miler

Originality implies being bold enough to go beyond accepted norms.-- Anthony Storr

Yesterday's training schedule called for an easy 8 miler. In this instance easy meant to run by feel and attempt to not breath too heavily. The only thing etched in stone is the mileage. How one arrives at said mileage is at the discretion of the runner. I have a few 3 mile routes. Lots of 6 mile routes and a handful of double digit routes. I don't have very many 8 mile routes. By not very many, I mean zero 8 mile routes. I could go out on a 10 mile route and cut it short but that's just not my style. I had to sort of blaze a new trail.

I decided to merge a few routes previously run that I can get 8 miles. I also decided to run somewhere well-lit. After the debacle running in the dark he day prior, I had no desire to do that again. The good thing about well-lit streets, you can see the walking dead all looking for...something... at 5 in the morning. I didn't know exactly where I would turn but I just turned kind of when I thought that I should turn.

Then something happened. I felt like a tourist. I took a hit like every block because I thought some of the things were so cool. Some of the places I've been but everything looks different on foot. I also arrived at previously viewed  locations from different angles.

The views made me forget about the inconsistent knee pain for a couple ticks. I could have taken 30 shots on an 8-mile run because everything looked so awesome. 

Typically I zone out on my runs and think about life, family or business. This particular run I just looked around and enjoyed the sights.

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