Friday, September 25, 2015

No Better Time Than The Present

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. -- Benjamin Franklin

I was born and raised in a really tough place in Brooklyn, New York called Brownsville. It was a horrible place to grow up and I have zero intentions on returning. When you grow up like that and you decide that the Brownsville life isn't for you, one starts to make plans. You think about the necessary steps to get out and what precise you will do when you make it out. Almost like those movies where some small town girl decides that she wants to be a star in Hollywood. She'll spend hours tip toeing through the tulips of her imagination. She pretends to make Oscar speeches and such. In Brownsville, I just imagined the day when I wouldn't have to think about getting shot at.

The caveat to those dreams and how ones imagination can take them to different places is the fact that more time is spent in future plans like the red carpet. I thought of a future where I didn't have to walk past where someone tried to kill me 20 years ago. Oftentimes dreamers don't enjoy the ride. They think about the destination and places little value on the journey or the great stories born along the way.

For so long I hated training programs for that reason. I was focused on a 4 hour marathon or a Boston Qualifier. It's like you think about crossing the finish line with your goal achieved but you can't recall some of the great experiences during your program.

I want to cherish every run. The 3, 6, 8, etc., mile runs that will have longer stories to tell...with more character.

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