Saturday, September 5, 2015

Holy Dragon Con Batman

A great city is that which has the greatest men and women.-- Walt Whitman

Just like every Saturday morning my intentions are to do a long run. One of my favorite sayings are Saturday's are for long runs. The good thing about Saturday is I get to sleep in a little. Instead of 4am I wake up at 6am. The plan is to run between 2 and 3 hours and back home before the kids drive my wife crazy. I actually try to get back before they even wake up. Friday evenings we usually let them stay up late, which results in them sleeping in.

This particular morning as I prepped for my run I could hear at least one of the kids stirring. My son didn't feel well and I needed to make sure he was good to go before I left. I realized at this point that the 12-14 miles that I had on the docket for today wasn't going to happen. I have routes for each distance so the route I had planned to do for double digit mileage wasn't aesthetically pleasing for an hour long run. So as I sat there comforting my kid I planned a new route in my head. I decided I would run to my favorite building in Atlanta, The Bank of America Building.

As I got closer to my destination I noticed an inordinate amount of people for a Saturday morning. Then I noticed folks wearing costumes. I'm usually out of the loop so I did a brain fart check to ensure that it wasn't Halloween. Upon further review, it's September. After a while I remembered hearing about Dragon-Con happening this weekend. I'm not sure what Dragon-Con is but I know what Comic-Con is and I figured it couldn't be that different. I saw lots of characters I didn't know but one I knew for sure.

I really enjoy running trails but I don't live very close to them. If I lived within a mile I would run them every day. I don't live very close to them and I would need to drive to get there. So I run the roads and streets of the urban terrain. The following statement isn't for those long-time trail runners or the new trail runners like myself that enjoy trails. Trail running has become chic and some folks frown on those of us that hit the streets. I love all running and if I live near a beach, I would run there or a desert or a mountain or anywhere that has an open space. That said, I know tons of urban runners that have become snooty about running any course that isn't "cool". I've even heard folks say, "Central Park is boring" and I've heard, "I would never run on the streets". Sorry, you're both idiots. Running is beautiful in virtually any environment.

I've taken great trail shots that leave me in awe. I've taken great city shots that are breathtaking. You won't accidentally run into a parade on a trail and you can't become engulfed by lush plant life on a major street in the inner city. We belong to a community and not a fraternity. Running is not exclusive nor is it elitist. Running is for every runner, everywhere.

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