Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yea But I Can Back It Up

I've got a lot of compassion but I don't waste time with people.-- Anthony Hopkins

Things happen. I didn't get to run today. As I've said before I try to live as a professional athlete to some degree. That means no wasted days. Instead of getinng upset about not running, I called it a "recovery day". I did a little more stretching. A little more hydration and ate more than a usual day. 

Truth be told, I am horrible when it comes to nutrition. Particular the caloric consumption part of nutrition is where I fall behind. I had a big breakfast with cheese eggs, turkey sausage, and waffles. Some might say that is horrible. I say it is better than the alternative of no calories.

Aside from stretching and nutrition I read some more today. I have the most recent issue of UltraRunning Magazine. I looked through my Running Mechanics and Gait Analysis book and read about recovery. No day is wasted.

I give advice and I talk a lot about all aspects of running. The reason I do is because I'm like that robot Johnny 5 in the movie Short Circuit. I consume more information about running everyday. Knowledge about running is like the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. The more you see and learn the deeper hole gets.

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