Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Until It Becomes Habit

High repetition is the most important difference between deliberate practice of a task of performing and the task for real, when it counts.-- Geoff Colvin

I was in a rush most of today. I woke up late so I didn't run this morning. When I wake up late it puts a wrench in lots of my morning. I stayed up late last night so I couldn't wake up at 4am. No regrets because I enjoyed my night but I was chasing the clock. I had to set up coffee, the kids' lunch, and dress myself. I'm usually pretty direct when I do anything but when I am running late, I'm like a drill instructor. I hustled the kids out of the house, off to school and then I headed home to start work. I ended up on the phone for 90 minutes. I still needed to run because I missed yesterday and I have less than 7 days to reach my goal.

Unbelievably, I ran my fastest 6 miler since I moved to Atlanta. Actually, it was my fastest 6 miler other than the "Peachtree". My races are always faster than my training. I needed to move quickly today as I had to retrieve my daughter at a certain time. I moved comfortably fast and I had time to shower and get in the car. Unfortunately I still hadn't eaten. I picked up my daughter and returned home to get more work done. She knocked out on the way over so I stayed in my car for a little bit. Anyone with kids understands why I let my 2 year old sleep. When she woke up I went home and prepared myself breakfast, which was really lunch at this point. My daughter, with her healthy appetite, and her inability to let me eat alone, enjoyed 25% of my meal. She did however let me get some work done.

The reason all of this appears to be such a hustle is because running now plays a bigger, different part in my life. It has been pervasive for a decade now but outside of being the soundtrack to my life, it is now the story line (somebody should  write that one down). I have done research on nutrition, training, rest, injury, etc. One will never have absolute knowledge of any subject area but at present, I've nailed down what I need to move to the next level. The trick now is to create a regiment and practice. I have to become consistent across all categories in order to truly accomplish the lofty goals that I have set.

I've been building this base and as I mentioned before, September begins the actual training. Speed work, scheduled rest days, weekly long runs, planned diet, intervals, tempo runs, Fartleks, stretching, recovery, etc. All of this will be done on a program, week in and week out. I will always run because I love it but now I am chasing excellence. One doesn't need to place in a road race to be considered excellent at their chosen craft. My goal is to be an excellent runner. In order to achieve that goal I will need to work relentlessly and display tenacity in the face of adversity. This doesn't mean that I don't love what I do. I work at it because I love what I do.

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