Friday, August 7, 2015

This Time It's Different

Don't' give me timing, give me time.-- Jesse Livermore

It's been a beautiful week of running. One of the beautiful things about it is that I've been out of town all week and I've logged over 30 miles. I made sure I packed enough stuff and most importantly my foam roller. Historically, when anyone is out of town running suffers. On my honeymoon in 2008 I ran twice in 9 days. But this time I packed to run. My other clothes ended up being whatever was on the pile. I literally put zero thought into my wardrobe. I I counted my underwear and socks and t-shirts. I traveled with 3 pairs of running shoes. One that I wear, training runs, and race day running shoes.

I got in a couple 10k's, a ten miler and a race. My family is always the priority, always, but as I get older, I care less and less about everything else. This makes running the second most important thing to me. I wake up, check on the kids, check on the wife, go for a run. When I get back from my run, I tend to my kids and then I get to work. I wouldn't say that I live a Spartan lifestyle but it is simple. I've trimmed the fat and now I focus only on the things that matter and it has made me a better father, better husband, better businessman, and a better runner.

In the past I've turned it about 50% poor performances on my marathons. I've always had tons of excuses but the reality is that it wasn't a priority the way it is now. The only thing that I would rather do than run is spend time with my wife and kids. Kids go to school and wives go to work. That leaves me to work and run with the remainder of my day.

I smile oftentimes when I run. I don't all the time but often enough I have kind of a toothless grin when I trot along on the road. I can't help but smile when I see my two curly-haired children. I smile as soon as I see my wife pull into her parking spot. Although I am hyper-aggressive in life and I always feel like there is work to be done, I am perpetually happy because my escape is always right there. 

What's the point? I'm running twelve marathons in 2016 and I am certain that my worries will be minimal because this is what I do. I may have said this before but my advice to people expecting children without having any yet is to just live your kid and it is hard to screw it up. I absolutely love my wife, I absolutely love my children and truly love running. How can I go wrong? 

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