Sunday, August 16, 2015

The World Through Poop Colored Glasses

Things without all remedy Should be without regard: what's done is done...--Lady Macbeth (William Shakespeare)

Ironically yesterday was such a good day. I referenced Ice Cube and his classic song of the nineties. The irony lies in the fact that he had kind of a sequel video when everything turned bad. This is not to say that everything turned bad but let's just say that I did not run today.

A day without running is an incomplete day. I decided to sleep in a rest myself a little because I felt as though I was close to physical breakdown. Additionally, my wife was sick and so were my kids so I figured I'd sleep in and run when they went to bed. He kids went to bed late so I had to eat late. In short, running wasn't going to be on the menu particularly since both my kids are back to school tomorrow. Some of the flex time I had before shifts. I must run early in the AM in  order to get my runs in now. Running at 10pm and waking up to run again at 4 is a failing proposition.

It wasn't all bad. I still spent the day with the family. Any day with the family is a day worth noting.

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