Sunday, August 2, 2015

Running the Trails with Confederate Flags

Improvise, adjust, and overcome.-- United States Marine Corps unofficial mantra

I've been planning to run beautiful Stone Mountain since I moved to Atlanta 6 months ago. This trip wasn't meant to be I guess. I spent most of the day doing things around the house so I set up to leave around 3:00pm which is a hot part of the day but why not. I typically run just out of my door but this was a special trip. I gathered my towel because I sweat like an animal and I didn't want my sweat to ferment on my car seat. I grabbed to "good" camera and I practiced the video I would shoot atop the mountain.

As I got closer I could see the majesty of Stone Mountain. It's beautiful. Also as I got closer I noticed a few cars driving around with confederate flags hanging prominently on their cars. In my defense, I don't watch the news. Plus I was going for a run. I am completely ignorant of politics in relation to running. As I approach the gates I see at least 10 car with flags. I start debating. I'm from a really tough place called Brownsville, Brooklyn and I felt more uncomfortable running lonely trails in this environment than I would running where I come from. I decided, what the heck. I'm still going to run. I see that there is a fee. I fiddle for my wallet and realized that I left my card on the desk at home. I had no way to get into the park. Whatever I felt about what was going on didn't matter because I drove thirty minutes for nothing but a Confederate Flag Rally... Apparently.

I drove back home pissed off and my wife gave me this duh, watch the news look. That was initial thought. The actual occurrence was duh, I just told you that he other day. My excuse, I'm a runner, I'm a weirdo and I just thought about how to get to the top. No thoughts about the bottom rally. Oddly enough, I had charged the camera battery without putting it in the camera. I wasn't meant to run there yesterday.

I did run my favorite torture route on Glenwood with the crazy hills. I performed better than usual on it and I got to see a beautiful moon. I will run Stone Mountain someday but I will call ahead to the dept. of flag rally's to make sure I'm clear. I'll also travel with some form of currency.

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