Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Run... These... Streets

There's always a hyena at the garden gate, and the real wolf at the end of the street.-- D.H. Lawrence

My first ever run was in a nearby park. 95% of subsequent runs were on the streets and roads in an urban setting. It wasn't until recently that I fell in love with and started to consistently take to the trails. Trails are accessible and within a mile running for the most part. Specifically in Atlanta where everything is within 10 minutes I've added trail running to my arsenal.

Despite my newly attained adoration for running trails, I have once again shifted the majority of my runs to pre-dawn. Running the trails in the dark is very difficult. Granted, I can only imagine because I've never tried. But in not going no to try. That's just crazy talk about me running in a forest in the dark. I know, I know, folks will say just get a head lamp... Duh. But I'm like, I don't care if I had 17 lamps on every appendage and orafice in my body. The woods are a dangerous place in daylight and forget about night time with bears and snakes and crazies lurking around for the one half-wit trotting through Middle Earth without so much as a care.

No not I said the, whoever or whatever said not I. I'm not the guy who's going to end up on "Criminal Minds" as they try to figure out how many bodies are dumped.

Without the scary reasons to not run he woods in the dark are the awesome reasons to run the streets. We all get caught up in the trail life once we really adopt running as a lifestyle. What many runners forget is that he streets have offered a warm embrace to the legions of folks who love to run but cannot find grass and dirt except for between the cracks in the sidewalk. I really enjoy the streets and the cool pics. Perhaps in theory, oncoming traffic can be as perilous as a brown bear if one isn't well-versed in avoiding either one.

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