Saturday, August 15, 2015

I Don't Always Have Good Days, But When I Do They Look Like This

I believe every day is a good day when you paint.-- Bob Ross

If you haven't already guessed it, today was a good day. I feel like any minute now I'm going to hear some 90's west coast beat and Ice Cube will gangsterfy my blog entry for the day. Truth be told, it has been a good 24 hours or so. My good vibes has spilled over two days and I am dreading going to bed because shuteye will bring the day to an end.

I don't eat a lot but last night I had an entire pizza pie to myself. I don't know what the calorie count was but it was certainly higher one meal than I usually consume in an entire day. The best part of the meal is that I got to enjoy it with my wife and kids. We simultaneously decided that cooking was not happening that night. We then walked over and enjoyed ice cream from a shop that is 20 yards away from where we ate pizza.

I average about 4-5 hours of sleep but last night I got maybe 7. I woke up and ran 10 miles almost entirely aerobic. It was about 10 minutes below my 10 mile PR but it was hilly and I felt good. I ran a route that I don't normally run so I took some new pics. Photos become a struggle when you run the same route.

Usually when I do a double digit run I need some rest before I get on with my day. I didn't need that extra rest. I was able to get home, shower and be ready to start the day with the entire family home. We went to a place called Highland Bakery here in Atlanta. Usually for brunch the wait is and hour or maybe 45 minutes. Today, we waited 25 minutes and got outside seating. My wife and I will choose outdoors 99 times out of 100. Once again I got calories I don't normally get.

Afterwards we took the kids to Zoo Atlanta. It was my daughters first time going to a zoo. My son has gone a number of times. The walking after the run actually felt like a benefit. The kids had a blast and aside from innumerable instances of horrible parenting, it was a great experience for the young ones. It was also cool to be there with the family because I had run Grant Park at least 7 times and ran pass the zoo.

Alas, no one knows what the future holds but I will close my eyes after a fantastic day.

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