Saturday, August 1, 2015

Goal Setting Session

Everybody has goals, aspirations or whatever, and everybody has been at a point in their life where nobody believed in them.-- Eminem

To be completely honest, I hate talking about goals on the first of the month or on New Years Eve. I never set resolutions. I am a firm believer that whatever one wants to do, it has to be done now. Folks will routinely say, "I will start blank on Monday". People let themselves off of the hook all of the time when they do that. Monday could bring a rough day at work. Monday could be a sick child. Monday could be adverse weather. Anything can happen to prevent one from one's goals.

Now, as I step off of my soap box, I will set some goals. I had to wait for August 1 to go after the goal because my July goal has no effect, theoretically, on my August goals. My goal for August is to do approximately 40 miles per week. Roughly, 150 miles for the month of August. Don't sit there doing math. I know 40 times 4 is 160 but my goal is 150 and I rounded the weekly mileage up for dramatic effect. Who wants to tune in and listen to a guy running 37 point 5 miles a week? 

The most I have ever done in a month is about 130 miles. That is an estimate because I deleted and added a few runs on my Nike+ for the month of March and I think I screwed something up when I had technical difficulties. So it was about 130 miles. That month I also injured myself. In order to reach my August goal I will need to be focused and disciplined. 150 miles in a month is pretty serious. There is nothing recreational about that amount of running. Granted, I know people well over 200 miles per month and a handful looking at 400 miles, about 80-100 per week. Although there will be no champagne popped for reaching 150 miles, it will highlight the seriousness of my vision quest.

In order to set an effective goal I think it needs to be written down. Anyone can say in their head that they want to run a marathon. If it is in your head it is similar to a dream. Frankly, when I dream, I wake up and forget it completely. Goals should also be told to someone. Now many of us out there are private so we don't want to tall the world but tell someone. Tell your deli guy. Tell the mail delivery person. Tell a parent. Tell a run club pacer. If you are the type to never go out and work from home then you won't hit a running goal anyway because running is done outside... duh.

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