Monday, August 10, 2015

Dancing in the Dark

The earliest experience of art must have been that it was incantatory, magical; art was an instrument of ritual.--Susan Sontag

Ahh, back to Atlanta from the armpit of America, New Jersey. I never found that phrase odd until I moved here 10 years ago and I realized that New Jersey has some seriously beautiful vistas. It is also called the Garden State.  I guess they can call it the oxymoron state or the juxtaposition state. Perhaps they could call it the allegory state or better yet, the euphemism state. Either way, I see great sights year round in my former state.

I spent a great deal of time running in the dark for most of my years. I always start work early and I truly hate to do anything after work. If I could put myself on a ventilator to relieve myself of breathing on my own I would. Oddly enough, my wife is amazing at home. She gets a boost when she walks in while I wind down. There was never a chance that I would run consistently after work. I was even madly inconsistent with run clubs. Most clubs and crews start late. Folks would say hey do you want to run with us and I was like no, I ran 10 miles this morning at 4:00am.

So for years I ran before the sun came up and it has become a part of my ethos. I rarely dealt with hot temperatures because I was always done with my run before the sun came up. Once I had children, in order for me to remain serious about my runs I had to wake at 4:00am to run because my wife would go to work between 5:30am and 7:00am. I got used to having the streets to myself. I love the idea that few people are stirring so early.

Everything looks different in the morning. Pictures come out looking as though you were in a completely different place had you taken them in the daylight. Many runners disagree with music and photos on runs but I've grown to absolutely love both. I don't take pics when I race but almost every time I run. The Bank of America building is incredible and I've photographed it during a day time run but I can't wait to get a dark shot of it.

When I run in the dark I feel as though my senses are heightened. My music sounds different; or at least it has different meaning. Every picture has it's own type of beautiful. I would challenge all runners to explore the other side. If you run days, try the dark. If you run in the dark, try daytime running. It can make your runs feel fresh.

Are you day or night runners?

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