Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beaten Up But Not Broken

You play the way you practice.--Glen "Pop" Warner

I woke up super early today. Okay, maybe not super early but I woke up at 5:00 am after going to bed at 2:00 am. It was a pretty hilly course but the cool part is that I hadn't run that route before so I have plenty of pics from my journey. Aside from a cool new route it was really tough on me. 

Without a lot of sleep I knew my legs were shot when I hit the 1 mile mark and my Nike+ lady said, "One mile, dude you took forever and your pace is embarrassing." I kept on trucking though. I vowed to myself that I won't play catch up games with my goals. I also told myself that I won't get caught up in how many miles other folks have. It's exactly like the marathon for me. If I want to run, hypothetically speaking, a 4 hour marathon, I know that you will average 9:10 per mile over 26.2 miles. If you start falling behind early it may not be advisable to try to race to make up time. Plus, if someone flys past you it's probably not a good idea to go chasing that speed demon.

My goal of 150 miles in August is still within reach. I've travelled this month and I've had to take unscheduled days off. Today was also rough because it was my daughters first day of school and I had to run, shower, feed two kids, and try to manage curly hair while getting there in time. I never fed myself. After 6.25 miles I ate hours later. I ran at 5:30 or so and I ate cereal and taquitos at about 3:00. I took my son to the College Football Hall of Fame and did moves that I haven't done since 2003 when I was 12 years younger. 

Overall I'm a little sore and my hip hurts from trying to catch a football. I am having some cramping in annoying places (bottom of foot, the bend of my elbow) and my urine looks like good motor oil. My black toenails are in some pain and my calves have knots. 

My body hurts a little... As it should. I'm turning myself into a get up and go, always ready to hit the road type of runner. When you stress your body, younger progress. I plan to be stronger than ever before but I won't get there unless I go through some tough times.

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