Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

That makes zero sense-- Adriana Suarez-Ligon

I've always tried very hard to navigate what it takes to be successful. Ironically, the recipe remains the same in virtually all walks of life. Whatever formula you need to apply to be successful in school, sports, relationships, or business has the same ingredients. There are no excuses or secret sauces that can get you to a goal faster than others or in different vocations.

I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Three hours and fifteen minutes will get me into Boston. Unfortunately, I am not very close to that goal. I have experienced success doing other things. I have experienced failure as well. It is pretty clear what needs to be done in order to fail miserably as well as succeed fantastically.

Let's just isolate the high GPA people out there. This is an easily digestible analogy for all. In order to get a high GPA one has to study. Likely this student has memorized the course syllabi that explains exactly how to grade is configured. They organize their time and realize that perhaps they could spend less time on X because it comes easy to them. Potentially that student needs to spend considerable time on subject Y because it was unclear in class. There are even times where, despite the already lofty GPA, that student will seek out study groups or tutors.

The same applies with running. If you will run a hilly course, one needs to train on hills. If you need  certain qualifying time for entry into a tiny marathon in Boston, one would need to know exactly the pace required and then train to accomplish said pace. There are no secrets, just lack or abundance of effort.

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