Monday, July 27, 2015

Obsessive Compulsive

I like focusing on the details.-- Charlie Trotter

Today I had another rough day on the roads. I don't feel like I ran well at all. More importantly, I didn't really enjoy myself today. There wasn't anything about the course or distance that was exceedingly difficult. So now brace yourselves for the excuse train. I gained five pounds over the weekend. I spent twenty-eight hours behind the wheel of a car. I didn't really eat. I was awake for thirty hours straight two days ago. I only ran two out of four days. It was way too hot. I am not used to so many hills and humidity. So now that we have that crap out of the way lets get to the real story.

I just haven't been performing out there the way that I want or need to. I actually hate excuses and I am very annoyed by those that make excuses. I love to point the finger; at myself. So what would any other self-respecting, anal retentive person do in this situation? Of course, obsess about it. I downloaded and read as much as I could to find answers to why my performance has slipped. I assume that my happiness coefficient will change once I work on the actual tangible aspects of running.

First I read a few articles on running hills. I'm doin a few things wrong that could possibly be more efficient and energy saving. I guess that is sort of redundant, efficiency is in essence energy saving. I found that bounding up hills and quick turnover on the downhills may be better. Loose fitting white clothing is best for the heat by a lot. I also learned that some studies show that training in the heat can yield better results once you go back to cooler temperatures. Heat training works similarly to high altitude training.

I read a few things about the plateau phase, which is the point at which your body no longer responds to exercise. As I read about that I discovered how exercise can produce diminishing returns. Apparently the body is an incredible machine. The ability to understand that as amazing as the body is, one must take care of ones body. One must also learn the best ways to make it go. It's like putting spare donuts on a Ferrari and filling it with regular gas. That car can do special things so it requires special treatment. Every aspect of today's run could have been better if I had read about it before I ran. 

Tomorrow is a new day with new knowledge. Everything from pre-run snack to foot strike to color of clothing to adjusting workouts to exit the plateau phase are all details that can make me a better, happier runner.

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