Thursday, July 9, 2015

No Run for the Weary

I have no fear of failure, provided I use my heart and head, hands and feet - and work like hell-- Charles Merrill

Yesterday I didn't run. That should be the end of this post right? Even on the days I don't actually leave my front door I still think about it constantly. I thought about whether or not I could go out for a quick run. I decided against it because of the four runs I did yesterday. I walked in after the fourth run and I felt horrible. I succeeded in pushing the limit but I paid the price. 

Although I didn't run I spent a good portion of the day thinking about this running life. I finished reading "Born to Run" which, I will give a book review later. I planned out some routes and I read tons of other blogs. I also learned more about humidity. I feel as though I didn't have to worry as much in New York or New Jersey but it is imperative that I am prepared for the onslaught of soggy weather.

I did go out for my morning run today on a short trot to a familiar place. I haven't really run the same loop twice until today. I wanted today to be a nice easy sort of deal that I didn't have to think about or struggle with the heat. I never want running to be a chore. I run when I want to and i push when I want to. On that same token, I relax when I want to.

Summer begins Fall marathon training and for all those running this Fall, the good news is, the really long runs start closer to September. I would say build your base now and get ready to crush the marathon this Fall. Find that joy in running over the Summer. Whether your joy is running with a group, crew, or club or if you like to take in the sights, try to get motivated by something other than completing the marathon in October or November. For some, that is motivation enough but for others it could be overwhelming to think that you will spend 16 weeks preparing to do something that many will think you are out of your mind for doing.

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