Monday, July 20, 2015

If you can't Beat 'em Join 'em

Every battle is won before it is ever fought.--Sun Tzu

Anyone that has read the last month of posts can tell you that I have really struggled with the heat and humidity down here in Atlanta. So often times I try to run very early before the sun comes up. I run when I know the clouds are over head to cool the city a little. I've made these adjustments in order to have a more enjoyable run. I am all about running for love... obviously, as well as enjoyment. Unfortunately, the runs are less enjoyable when it is blazing hot outside.

I feel great after the run. I feel a sense of accomplishment. During the run is a different story. Usually when there are few people around I sing whatever I'm listening to. It is a challenge to not be happy when one is singing. How many people do you know that will sing angrily in the shower? About half way in my runs though that grimace appears on my face because it is so hot. I am sweating all over the place and that initial pop I head in my legs has taken a flyer on my get up and go.

The only thing I can think of is to learn to enjoy the heat, humidity, and hills of Atlanta. I have dredged through some of my recent runs because of the conditions but dredging must come to an end.  Instead of checking the forecast on my phone I will just adapt, adjust and overcome. I will literally check the weather more than ESPN these days. But today is a new day. I will not run and hide from the hills, heat, and humidity. I will attack it. Within a few weeks I will be calloused to the conditions and I will once again sing my songs out loud.

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